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Guide Evasion CrèteGuide Evasion Crète
Editions Hachette
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Flying starts
Όλα τα προϊόντα της συλλογής Flying starts από τις εκδόσεις Grammata στη Boutique iNFO-GRECE.
Ελληνικά Βιβλία » Κόμικς 
Endangered Spacies

9,50 €
Αγοράζω 1 'Endangered Spacies' τώρα 
Endangered Spacies
Once the bird learns how to fly… everything's too late. And the little sparrow's father has missed all his chances anyway. His wife left him for someone else, and his son never misses an occasion to let him know why. Yes the poor father stops...
Βιβλία στα Αγγλικά » Κόμικς 
Honor thy father...

9,50 €
Αγοράζω 1 'Honor thy father...' τώρα 
Honor thy father...
Honor thy father... The little sparrow knows this biblical commandment all too well, since he spends most of his time violating it with all his might. But as he grows up his father is no longer a sufficient target for his scorn and contempt. So he...
Βιβλία στα Αγγλικά » Κόμικς 
Love's Labour's lost

9,50 €
Αγοράζω 1 'Love's Labour's lost' τώρα 
Love's Labour's lost
Love's labour's lost... is what the little bird tells his father when asked about his true feelings for him. And so it is: all the love that the father lavishes on his son is met only with sarcastic comments and aggressive behavior. In this fourth...
Βιβλία στα Αγγλικά » Κόμικς 
No! I'm a stork!

9,50 €
Αγοράζω 1 'No! I'm a stork!' τώρα 
No! I'm a stork!
No! I'm a stork! d'Arkas NO! I'M A STORK! The tittle sparrow vehemently rejects his own species because there's no future in being a little sparrow. The most you can hope for is to become a big sparrow - which is exactly what his father is,...
Βιβλία στα Αγγλικά » Κόμικς 
Look Dad, I'm flying!

9,50 €
Αγοράζω 1 'Look Dad, I'm flying!' τώρα 
Look Dad, I'm flying!
They fly low over terraces, antennas, chimneys. In polluted air, right next to the garbage. This is where mother sparrow left her son as soon as he was born. And since, as the little one says himself, it never rains but it pours, he is stuck with...

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Η επίσημη κατάταξη των 50 καλύτερων πωλήσεων CD στην Ελλάδα.
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35%Grèce continentale Guide bleu 2009Grèce continentale Guide bleu 2009
Editions Hachette
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17,48 €
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