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Griechisch Jetzt Ellinika tora 1+1Griechisch Jetzt Ellinika tora 1+1
Dimitra Dimitra
29,53 €
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Salonique : ville juive, ville ottomane, ville grecqueSalonique : ville juive, ville ottomane, ville grecque
Benbassa Esther
15,00 €
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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

(bald auf Deutsch)
The following general conditions of sale apply to any sale made on any site of the Boutique iNFO-GRECE (, and

iNFO-GRECE and the Boutique iNFO-GRECE are exploited by AKTIGRAM LTD
99bis, av. du Général Leclerc - 75014 Paris - France
Limited liability company with the capital of 8.000 euros
RCS Paris B 434 973 632 - VAT Id. FR84434973632

Prices Posting

The reference products prices are in euro. All the orders are invoiced and payable in euro.

By default, products prices of the Boutique iNFO-GRECE are shown in euros (€). For confort or information purpose, you can choose a posting in another currency by selecting it in the special menu on the right top of the screen. Conversion rates in the European currencies of the zone euro are these official fixed rates following the rules of round-off enacted by the European Bank. For the currencies except zone euro, the conversion rates are updated once per week. European Union or foreign currencies are show only for your information and they are never guaranteed. Even if you choose a posting in another currency that the euro, the invoiced price is always that in euro.

Visitors and not logged customers. All the prices of the products of the Boutique iNFO-GRECE are posted TAXES INCLUDED, but except handling and shipping cost. According to case's, fees according to the destination and the means of selected transport may be added (see "Transport" section).

Registered customers. As long as you are not connected with your account, the posted prices are prices TAXES INCLUDED. If you are a customer already recorded and you are connected with your account, the prices will be posted TAXES FREE or TAXES INCLUDED according to the tax system of your place of residence (see, hereafter, chapter "VAT"). As a logged user, since you have the possibility of asking for a delivery in another address (and in another country) that that of your residence, you may see TAXES INCLUDED or TAXES FREE prices, according to the delivery address is in a taxable geographical zone or not (see VAT section). In any case, a summary screen, detailing the invoiced price of each product, the taxes and the delivery cost, is proposed to you at the last stage before validation of the order.. In some cases you may benefit free shipping.

The prices of French books sold in the Boutique iNFO-GRECE are in conformity with the French law, known as law "Lang", on the books FLAT PRICE fixed by the publisher and maximum authorized handing-over of 5%.

Because of the passage to the euro and rules of round-off, light variations (approximately a centime of euro) with the rise as with the fall can be noted as well in the application of the handing-over of 5% as between the total posted to the screen and the "paper" invoice which you will receive with the delivery of your order. The price due is always that posted on the site during the ordering

Andere Produktpreise (griechische Bücher, CDs, videos, CD-Roms...) werden frei geregelt.

Die Fotographien, die Musikauszüge oder Videoauszüge und die Beschreibungen der Produkte werden für Informationen Zwecke zur Verfügung gestellt und konnten nicht vertraglich sein.


European Union countries. Like the Boutique iNFO-GRECE is domiciled in France, actual legislation stipulates that deliveries to particulars in France and in any other country of the European Union are subjected to the Value-added tax (VAT) according to rates of the country where the vendor is domiciled; in fact, France. Even if according to the availability of the articles and the proximity with the recipient you came to be delivered by a distribution center located out of France, the applicable VAT rate will be the French rate. The rate of the VAT varies according to the nature of the product. By way of example, the VAT on the books is 5,5% and on the discs, videos, DVD and software is 19,6%.

If you are in this case, the total of the corresponding VAT will appear in the summary of your order. This same information will be reproduced on e-mail "notification of recording" of your order that you will receive after validation of your order.

Other Countries. The deliveries except European Union are not subjected to the VAT. In this case, no tax will be perceived by the Boutique iNFO-GRECE, but rates or customs taxes may be requested to the recipient by the local authorities according to the legislation in force in the country of reception.

For prices posting while navigating in the Boutique iNFO-GRECE and the calculation of billing price of your order, see section "Prices Posting".


La Boutique iNFO-GRECE accepts payments by credit cards, checks drawn on a bank domiciled in France, postal money orders, bank credit transfers, iNFO-GRECE gift certificates and Pay Pal transfers.

Warning to our international customers (except France): payments other than by credit card may considerably slow down possible refunding to which you could claim consequently with a final unavailability of ordered articles, the reception of defective or damaged articles, with the cancellation of your order or for any other reason. Ebenso ist das Boutique iNFO-GRECE nicht verantwortlich für die möglichen Kosten, die Ihre Bank für die Rückzahlungs- oder Wechselkursoperationen wahrnehmen kann.

Secured Payment by credit cards

Payment by bank credit cards is possible with the following international cards: Visa, Marsercard and Eurocard, as well as with the ordinary French bankcards (CB).

The Boutique iNFO-GRECE subscribed a contract with the BICS - Popular Bank, one of the most important banking groups in France, to offer you a high degree of security for your payments, using the best technologies of the moment gathered within the system Cyberplus Payment, managed by the BICS - Popular Bank.

To ensure this safety, Cyberplus Payment is based on tested techniques of cryptography in respect with the different national and international regulation rules. Thus, the numbers of bankcards never circulate in clear on the Net.

Information on your bankcard is never been recorded neither forward by the site of the Boutique iNFO-GRECE. As soon as you chose the type of payment card, you are connected directly with the Cyberplus secured server of the Popular Bank. Thus you are assured that in any moment we do not store numbers of your bankcard in our computers, quite simply since we are never informed of it. It is our bank which takes care of the cashing and the checking of the validity of your card. It is the best security one could offer to you.

With Cyberplus Payment, the payment on Internet is protected thanks to the authentification of the tradesman, the confidentiality and the control of the banking data.

The "virtual pay desk" Cyberplus Payment reproduces the functions assured in the real world by electronic payment terminals: choice the card type, controls and acquisition of the transactions of payment, edition of the "electronic" ticket, etc.

Before each payment by bankcard, Cyberplus Payment AUTHENTICATES the site of the Shop with an electronic certificate that his Popular Bank gave to him with his account opening.

During the various exchanges between the Shop, the Net customer and the payment server, the data never circulate in clear on the network but are encrypted following the SSL protocol (a key or a lock appears on the navigator of the Net customer as on the images above). Thus, the number of bankcard of the Net customer remains CONFIDENTIAL. Since the first quarter 2001, encoding is done on 128 bits.

Moreover, the payment server CONTROLS banking data by carrying out a request of authorization to the network of bankcards (CB). Thus, the stolen cards or in opposition are immediately detected.

During the transaction, at any moment, you can identify that you are not connected any more to the Boutique iNFO-GRECE but to the computers of our bank by the presence of the logo of the Popular Bank, the Cyberplus logo and by supervising the URL in the zone "Addresses" of your navigator.

If you wish to carry out a payment with a banking card reader connected on your computer or starting from a mobile telephone equipped with a bankcard reader, with validation by the seizure of the confidential code, please contact our service. Our system will be able to receive the transactions according to the SET protocol and the payment on Mobile Phones according to technical specifications approved by the Bankcards Group.

Payment by Checks and Postal Money Orders

You can pay by check if it is drawn on a bank domiciled in France. From January 1, 2002, only checks denominated in euro are accepted. Postal money orders must also be denominated in euros.

The orders are treated as soon as the order placed, but forwarding will be enabled only after reception and treatment of your check or your money order. In the same way, if articles were missing in our stocks, their restocking will be started only after reception and cashing of your check. Checks or postal money order must be made out to the order of iNFO-GRECE and be send to the following address once you have fully submitted your order:

Aktigram - iNFO-GRECE - 99bis av. du Gén. Leclerc - 75014 Paris - France

After validation of your order on our site, you receive in your letterbox an e-mail "notification of recording" which contains your number of order and a summary of this one.

Please be sure to write the number of your order and your e-mail address on the back of your check. For better identifying your order, you can also join a "hard copy" of our e-email notification.

The French postal checks are treated same manner as the bank checks.

For international postal money orders, contact your local Post office indicating them our postal address as mentioned above.

Bank credit transfers

We accept the bank credit transfers, as well nationals as internationals. The order processus is similar to that of payment by check. After validation of your order, you will receive by e-mail all nessesary information to your bank to carry out the transfer. All the possible expenses related to the transfer are at the customer's charge.

Pay pal

Customers who have already a Pay Pal account can use this account to pay their purchases. This option will be proposed to them at the moment of the payment and connection with the Pay Pal payments center will be established automatically.

Customers who wish to make an electronic payment on line in a secured way and do not have credit card or do not wish to use this one, can use the system of a third of confidence. The Boutique iNFO-GRECE chose for that the company Pay Pal. A payment via Pay Pal supposes that you open as a preliminary an account with them.


The articles presented on the site are considered available, except contrary mention. However, the orders are delivered according to stocks available with the Boutique iNFO-GRECE or its suppliers. The Boutique iNFO-GRECE could not be held responsible for the possible out-of-stock conditions, of unavailability or stop of publication of the articles suggested on its site.

If for any reason ordered and paid products could not be delivered, the discharged price of these products is completely refunded.
If the totality of an order cannot be delivered, the perceived corresponding transport charges are also refunded.
If only a part of the products of an order cannot be delivered, and transport fees were calculated according to the number of articles of the order, the transport charges perceived correspondent to these products will be refunded.
If only a part of the products of an order cannot be delivered, and that transport was calculated in a contractual way or that the order profits from a free transport or a special offer, no load of transport is refunded.


The present conditions are subjected to the French legislation. They are accompanied by the notes concerning our policy of delivery and returns and the access to the personal data. The whole of our conditions can be modified without other notice that their publication on this site. Any litigation will have to be regulated in front of the French courts, only qualified in similar cases.

By ordering products with the Boutique iNFO-GRECE you state to have the lawful age to acquire them, have taken knowledge and accept the present conditions.

(Letzte Aktualisierung 29. Mai 2006)

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Haris Alexiou
21,36 €
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Filoi & echthroiTELEIO !!!!!! Fwnh, styxoi, mousikh .... ola teleia! Ka8e...5 von 5 Sternen!

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