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Etymologiko Lexiko tis Neas Ellinikis GlossasEtymologiko Lexiko tis Neas Ellinikis Glossas
Georgios Babiniotis
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A Day At The Lagoon / Mia mera sti Limnothalassa

34,78 €
[ Ein Tag An der Lagune ]

"Wetlands are among the richest and most productive eco-systems on our planet, of incomparable wealth both in the quantity of wild fauna and flora which they accommodate and in their variety of species.
First of all, each wetland is a place where surface water is stored and where run-offs take place much more slowly. Protection from flooding, improvement of the quality of water as a result of the creation of sediment, and the role played by aquatic vegetation thus amount to a primary benefit. The high productivity of the wetlands and the variety and complexity of the wildlife there mean that -when correctly managed- such areas can be a continuously renewable source of wealth, and indeed of much greater wealth than fields or human settlements would produce in their place. Their great potential for fishing (especially when they are sited by the coast), the grazing land they provide, and opportunities for recreation and education are among the other features which mankind could develop. Nor should we overlook the complexity of life in the wetlands and the variety of lifeforms to be found there -their biodiversity, in other words- which is itself a matter of great importance for the entire world. Nothing one can write about the wetlands can be a substitute for direct experience of them. There are still many people who have not had the good fortune to see the Greek wetlands at close quarters. For them, the photographs which follow, amounting to a realistic picture of the beauty of life in the wetlands, may prove to be a powerful incentive."
(K. Papakonstantinou - Greek Ornithological Society)

Most of the photographs were taken in Greece at the Yalova lagoon -a Natura 2000 site, which belongs to the Municipalities of Pylos and Nestor in Messenia. Two of the photographs were taken at the Amvrakikos Gulf and one, at Messolonghi.

Bilingual : Greek - English
104 colour photographs.

Verlag Synolo, 06/1999, 24.00x22.50cm gebunden, 124 Seiten
ISBN 9608627613
Verkaufsrang in der Boutique: 3137
Popularität unter den deutschen Seiten der Boutique: 7244

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Deutsch English Français Ellinika
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