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In the days of King Minos

18,42 €

In the days of King Minos by Lyda Krontira

"With this small book as your companion you can cross the threshold into a world of myth, legend, and history, the world of the great Minoan civilization. The literature of the people of that period has not survived but their material creations have: palaces and houses, frescoes and elaborate or simple objects of daily life. These help us to understand how the people of that period lived, by showing us something of their art, their history, their religious faith and the organization of their society.
In your imagination you will wander among the palaces and the myths of the Minoan period, while in the Herakleion Museum you will actually look at and admire unique works of Minoan art. These works will not be mentioned here in the order in which they are placed in the galleries. What we shall mention are the most significant ones, the most representative, and any of those that further the aims of this book. Because this is not a museum guide. Its aim is to help you make your first contact with this civilization, which is the oldest in Greece. You will even get to know the people who have toiled day after day to present its work to us. I hope that the games, questions and drawings we have included will entertain you and give you the chance - by playing and creating - to gain a better knowledge of this marvellous world of Minos which may seen like a dream but is in fact history."

Editions Ekdotiki Athinos, Athens, 1993, 120 pages, 200 colour illustrations.

ISBN 9602131381
Verkaufsrang in der Boutique: 4414
Popularität unter den deutschen Seiten der Boutique: 4249
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