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Le nouveau Grec sans peine (Livre + CD audio)Le nouveau Grec sans peine (Livre + CD audio)
Editions Assimil
70,13 €
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Double exilDouble exil
Giannis Kiourtsakis
21,50 €
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Everybody Opa

10,02 €

The Aegean blue, the glowing lava and the fire of Hephaestus together with the Greek sun have carved the land of the Cyclades islands in a globally unique way. The largest and most impressive caldera in the world welcomes you to the island of Santorini that, according to a thrill, used to give shelter to the ancied Atlantes. In Santorini the view is breathtaking. Each and every corner, with its characteristic architecture, the dazzlingly whitewashed churches and the vaulted houses dug out of the rock, capture the sight of the visitor who tries to immortalize in every possible way the magic of the place. From Santorini the lost Atlantis of the myth, we head towards the cosmopolitan island of Ios, a summer meeting poid for young people from all over Europe, with its indented sandy coastlines and ifs impressive rocks. The trip in the Aegean Sea continues with the picturesque and mountainous island of Amorgos, with its Byzantine monastery of "Panagia Chozoviotissa" that hangs 300 meters above the sea. Sailing further south, we call at FoIegandros and Sikinos and we complete our visit with the east small Cyclades which include HeracIia, Schinoussa, Donousa and Kaufonisia, a block of islands that is considered the unexplored hidden paradise of natural life and relaxation

DVD duration 100 minutes - Narration in Greek - Subtitles in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish

CD (ορχηστρικό)
  • Το δύχτι 3:25
  • Μια Ζωή Μέσα Στους Δρόμους 3:10
  • Τα Πήρες Όλα 4:22
  • Της Γυναίκας Η Καρδιά 3:18
  • Ιστορία Μου 3:04
  • Πήρε Φωτιά Το Κορδελιό 2:54
  • Αλήτη 3:44
  • Τι Σου 'Κανα Και Μ' εγκατέλειψες 3:06
  • Αυτοί Που Μένουν Κι Αυτοί Που Φεύγουν 3:03
  • Χάθηκες 2:51
  • Ξημερώματα 3:13
  • Του Βοτανικού Ο Μάγκας 3:05
  • Όνειρο Απατηλό 3:19
  • Φεγγάρι Χλωμό 3:03
  • Όταν Θα Λάβεις Αυτό Το Γράμμα 3:45
  • Ήρθα Κι Απόψε Στα Σκαλοπάτια Σου 3:16
  • Σταλιά-Σταλιά (Ορχηστικό) 3:23
  • Αλλά Μου Λεν Τα Μάτια Σου 2:48
Σαντορίνη, Φολέγανδρος, Αμοργός, Κουφονήσια.
Editions FM Records, collection Sites & Sounds of Greece, 05/2007 CD et DVD
Classement parmi les ventes de la Boutique : 4414
Popularité parmi les pages françaises de la Boutique: 5183
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