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Etymologiko Lexiko tis Neas Ellinikis GlossasEtymologiko Lexiko tis Neas Ellinikis Glossas
Georgios Babiniotis
69,95 €
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Écolo. Écologie et environnement en Grèce et à RomeÉcolo. Écologie et environnement en Grèce et à Rome
Patrick Voisin
14,50 €
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Kea / Tzia RO-112

7,45 €

The features that make this and every other ROAD island map unique are:
*The coastline, hydrography and precision geophysical background based on data provided by the Hellenic Military Geographic Service and electronically processed by us for clarity and legibility. We have highlighted the mountain masses in shades of brown between the contour lines (at 100m intervals on this map) to outline clearly the relief of the island.
*The beaches are indicated by a special symbol next to which we have noted their names, as well as all the roads and footpaths leading to them (since most people primarily visit the islands for the beaches!). We have even included a short text in which the island’s best beaches are concisely referred to, to save you going on a wild goose hunt in search of them.
*The road network is mapped out with impressive and exemplary thoroughness and is updated in each new edition – thoroughness being a trait ROAD is internationally famous for. Even the most insignificant secondary and blind unsurfaced roads are charted (so that you know where not to turn!), the scenic routes are highlighted in green (telling you where you should turn!), with precision distances in kilometres from intersection to intersection, to allow you to track your course with greater ease.
*The island's major footpaths are clearly charted.
*The monasteries, country churches, archaeological sites, lighthouses, caves and many more places of interest, are marked with great accuracy.
*Short texts (in Greek and English) that present the history, the island as it is today, the local products and the most important things to know about the island.
*On the back of the map, there is a complete listing of the accommodations on the island, useful telephone numbers, information about local transport schedules, and more.

Scale 1:40 000e.

Verlag Road, 04/2006, 13.00x25.00cm Karte, 60 gr
EAN13 9789608481404
Verkaufsrang in der Boutique: 1067
Popularität unter den deutschen Seiten der Boutique: 5073
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Deutsch English Français Ellinika
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